Hailie Jade, Eminem's Daughter, Rocks Denim in Snowy Snap

Eminem's daughter Hailie Jade Mathers donned denim for her latest snowy snapshot on Wednesday. The 25-year-old influencer posted a photo of herself wearing jeans and a matching jacket, with sheepskin lining on the collar and sleeves. She asked fans if it fit the "vibes" she was going for.

"Going for travel vlogger on a ranch in Aspen vibes — how'd I do?" she asked. The post picked up over 77,000 likes in a matter of hours, and the general consensus in the comments was that Mathers nailed the aesthetic. She draped a fleece shawl around her shoulders and wore her long hair down in a simple, straight style. As usual, she clutched a cup of coffee between her hands as well.

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Mathers did not add a geotag to this post, so it is not clear if she was really in Aspen, Colorado, or if she was just borrowing the city's vibes. From the looks of it, she has posed on that same porch at least once before, in a different outfit in mid-December. This time around, she posted a link to the distinctive jacket on her Instagram Story, encouraging fans to buy one for themselves.

As Eminem's daughter, it is no surprise that Mathers lives most of the time in Detroit, Michigan, and due to the coronavirus pandemic, her usual travel itinerary has been stunted for the last few months. Mathers' posts have mostly been quaint and cozy at-home photoshoots, rather than her usual sight-seeing odysseys. Even trips to the gym and restaurants have been limited.

Like most Americans, Mathers is waiting for the coronavirus pandemic to be over so she can get back to the activities she loves most. However, between fumbles in the vaccine roll-out, mutations in the virus and confusion surround safety measures, it is unclear when life will really be able to get back to normal.


According to a report by CBS News, the new COVID-19 variant first detected in the United Kingdom has now been identified in at least 26 states in the U.S. The variant may be as much as 50 percent more contagious than other strains, although there is still debate among public health officials about these findings.

Scientists are racing against the virus to manufacture and distribute the vaccines around the U.S., but that is proving to be an uphill battle as well. President Joe Biden announced new strategies on Wednesday to try and speed up the distribution of the vaccines. His White House pandemic response coordinator Jeff Zients told reporters: "This is a national emergency, 400,000 people have died, everything is on the table in terms of the supply chain."