'Game of Thrones' Alum Miltos Yerolemou Just Dyed His Hair Pink

Game of Thrones star Miltos Yerolemou unveiled a bold new hairstyle on Instagram this weekend — bright pink. The actor and swordsman known for playing Arya Stark's sword teacher, Syrio Forel, dyed parts of his beard, hair and even eyebrows pink. He captioned the picture with a hilarious play on a Game of Thrones catchphrase: "all men must dye."

Yerolemou shared a close-up selfie of his new hairstyle with his Instagram followers, and the results were hilarious. The pink dye did not take too strongly to his thick black hair, but it permeated his beard and his mustache, and cling ot his hairline as well. The dye job may have been a bit of a reaction to social distancing, as Yerolemou also included the hashtag "COVID photo diaries." For good measure, he also put in the Braavosi mantra: "Valar Morghulis."

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So. I went pink.... come at me 💓#pinkmoon #pinkhair #covidphotodiaries #allmenmustdye #valarmorghulis #gameofthrones

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This was not the first time Yerolemou dyed his hair during the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier this month, he shared another photo where his beard was a shocking blue and his hair was seafoam green. In that post, he made it clear that the hair dye was for no other reason than his boredom in self-isolation.

"It's got to that stage in my quarantine where I have thrown all the f—s out of the window. Tomorrow I'm going pink. Shut up," he wrote. Followers cheered him in the comments for this move as well.

Other posts on Yerolemou's Instagram page include several memes about Syrio Forel maintaining "social distance" by keeping others at least a sword's length away. Although he only appeared in the first season, his character was one of the most memorable and beloved figures for many fans thanks to his sweet relationship with fan-favorite Arya Stark.


Many fans expected Yerolemou and his character to return in the final season of Game of Thrones last year. On social media and on forums dedicated to the series, many speculated that Syrio Forel had a secret identity — perhaps as one of the shape-shifting Faceless Men that trained Arya to fight in Braavos. Many fans still hope that the final two books will fulfill this theory, since they are expected to have some major differences from the show.

If that's the case, many fans will have Yerolemou's face in their minds as they read those final chapters, and some may even consider what Syrio would look like with bright pink hair.