'Fuller House' Actress Jodie Sweetin Reveals She Has Been Sober for Six Years

Fuller House actress Jodie Sweetin, who is in a custody battle with the father of her daughter, [...]

Fuller House actress Jodie Sweetin, who is in a custody battle with the father of her daughter, revealed that she has been sober from drugs for six years.

According to The Blast, the 36-year-old Sweetin accused Morty Coyle of using her past struggles with drugs and alcohol against her. Sweetin claims in court documents that Coyle has accused her of being a danger to 7-year-old Beatrix, despite staying away from alcohol for nearly a decade.

"I have not had any alcohol in at least eight years, and I have been sober from illegal substances for at least six years," Sweetin said in the court documents. "I take my sobriety very seriously and would not do anything to jeopardize my commitment to sobriety."

Sweetin admitted she recently broke her ankle and had surgery, which required her to take pain medication. However, "I was at all times fit to appropriately supervise and care for our daughter while she was in my custody," the documents read.

Coyle wants hair follicle tests to back his theory that Sweetin is no longer sober. But Sweetin claims this is a way to "embarrass," "harass and intimidate" her.

She also says Coyle teamed up with Corey Herpin, the father of Sweetin's 9-year-old daughter Zoie, to "obtain as much financial assistance from me as possible."

"They are entitled to child support and I want to provide them the support required by law. However, I just wish the constant litigation would stop," Sweetin told the court.

Back in September, Coyle first expressed his "serious concerns" about Sweetin's sobriety after a phone conversation with her. In December, she was ordered to pay $2,800 a month in child support to Coyle. Court filings showed she earned $43,614 a month, mostly thanks to her Fuller House paycheck.

Sweetin announced on Valentine's Day that she has a new boyfriend, Mescal Wasilewski. She posted a collage of photos, including one of the two kissing.

Sweetin and Coyle were married for two years before she filed for divorce in June 2013. It was finalized in August 2013. She was also married to Shaun Holguin from 2002 to 2006 and Herpin from 2007 to 2010.

The actress played Stephanie Tanner on Full House and reprised the role on Netflix's revival series Fuller House. The show was renewed for a fourth season on Jan. 29.

Sweetin has been open about her struggle with crystal meth and alcohol, writing about it in her memoir UnSweetined. She also gave speeches at colleges about her experiences.

"I speak about my experience growing up in the entertainment business, what my life was like after, some of the struggles and things I went through and where my life is today," she told PEOPLE in 2016. "It's a story with a message of second chances and turning things around and being able to overcome some adversity."