Jodie Sweetin's Ex Claims She's on Drugs and Unfit to Parent

Jodie Sweetin’s ex-husband has “serious concerns” about the Fuller House star’s sobriety following a phone conversation he had with her, The Blast reports. During the conversation, Morty Coyle was led to believe Sweetin was using drugs to cope with some of her recent traumatic events.

Coyle filed documents in his custody case with Sweetin, which stated concerns for their 7-year-old daughter Beatrix. Sweetin and Coyle were married from 2012-2015.

Coyle fears the drama surrounding Sweetin’s breakup with ex-fiance Justin Hodak may have caused her to relapse into drug use. The actress has a “well-documented” history of drug abuse including the use of alcohol, cocaine, crystal meth, ecstasy and prescription medications.

While Coyle was on the phone with Sweetin, he says he became alarmed at the way she sounded. He started to “suspect she is resorting to substance use as the means to cope with these traumatic events.”

When he brought this up, she became defensive and accusatory. Coyle requested Sweetin take a drug test following their conversation, but she has yet to comply.

In their 2016 custody order, Sweetin is required to submit a hair follicle test within 12 hours of a requested drug test. Since she reportedly refuses to comply, he believes she is trying to hide something.

A hearing is set for their case on Oct. 18.