Fred Goldman Reacts to OJ Simpson's Death at 76

The father of the murder victim Ron Goldman reacts to the death of O.J. Simpson.

O.J. Simpson's death drew a wide range of reactions from people who were onlookers and others who were deeply connected to the former football star. But according to Daily Mail, one reaction many sought was from Fred Goldman, the father of murder victim Ron Goldman and Simpson's arch nemesis since his 1994 trial.

As The Daily Mail notes, the death of Simpson is not the happiest moment for Goldman, though his feelings for the former Bills running back were clear. "The only thing that I have to say today is that this is a further reminder of the loss of my son Ron," Goldman told Daily Mail. "It is a further reminder of my son's murder and a reminder about the many years we have missed Ron. His death is a reminder that Ron and Nicole were murdered by him."

Goldman also spoke to other outlets, telling NBC News that Simpson's death was "no great loss." He also added more to his initial feelings with PEOPLE, calling out the most important aspect of the news.

"That is the only thing that is important today. It is the pain from then until now. There is nothing today that is more important than the loss of my son and the loss of Nicole. Nothing is more important than that," Goldman told the outlet.

Simpson passed on Thursday after a short bout with prostate cancer. He was famously acquitted of the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and Goldman's son who was a friend and waiter. In a civil trial that followed, Simpson was found liable for the murders and ordered to pay $33.5 million. An attorney for Goldman told Daily Mail that the debt has "ballooned" to over $100 million. They plan to get as much of the debt from the estate.