Eminem's Daughter Hailie Jade Mathers Returns to Instagram After 6-Month Absence

Eminem's daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers, has made a name for herself thanks to Instagram. However, she has been absent from the social media platform for the past several months. But, on Monday, after a six-month absence, Mathers officially returned to Instagram and even offered up an "explanation" to her followers in the process.

For Mathers' first post in months, she kept things simple. The influencer posted a selfie on Monday that showcased her wearing a comfy, brown sweater and cream-colored sweatpants. Adorably enough, one of her dogs can also be spotted lounging in the background of the low-key snap. She captioned the photo with, "does the explanation "2020" work for everyone here?" Her explanation was possibly in reference to her absence from the social media platform, as she last posted on Instagram back in May. It wasn't long before some of her followers utilized Eminem's lyrics to jokingly comment on the fact that she has been absent from the social media platform. One fan even wrote, "Guess who's back, back again."

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Prior to her Monday update, the last time that Mathers posted on Instagram was back on May 5. At the time, she shared that her life was in a bit of a wild state amidst everything going on in 2020. But, she noted that she wanted to share even more about herself and her life with her followers in the future. "this has definitely been me more often than not lately," Mathers wrote, captioning a photo of herself scrolling on her phone. "BUT as things are starting to get a bit less chaotic/anxious i'm going to try to slowly get back into somewhat of a routine [and] start sharing that with you! not exactly sure what that will look like yet but at the very least i will be pushing my butt to workout! So keep an eye on my stories if you need some motivation because i know i certainly could use some lately."


Since posts made on one's Instagram Story expire after 24 hours, it's unclear if Mathers to post on it over the past several months. However, what is clear is that she is finally back to her main Instagram feed. Judging by the legions of comments that the post has already garnered, it's also evident that her followers are overjoyed to see her return to the social media platform.