Ellen DeGeneres out of Quarantine After COVID-19 Diagnosis

Ellen DeGeneres is out of quarantine following her COVID-19 diagnosis. The talk show host revealed on Dec. 10 that she had tested positive for the coronavirus. At the time of her announcement, DeGeneres informed her fans that was “feeling fine” and that anyone who had been in contact with her has been notified. Her return is scheduled for after the holidays.

About 10 days after sharing the news, it appears that DeGeneres is out and about from being locked up away from the rest of the world. The Daily Mail snapped a few shots of her going out for groceries over the weekend and said the popular host informed them she was feeling “good” and that was very lucky to be in her situation. After all, she had previously updated her followers about the struggles she was going through with various symptoms popping up after her diagnosis.

Among the ones that caused the most trouble for her were the severe back pains. She called it “excruciating” and was something she was not aware of beforehand. DeGeneres added that others she had spoken to who had tested positive had also mentioned back pain being one of the more trying symptoms. That same video she posted did see her say she was feeling better despite the back pain as she thanked all of her fans for the well wishes they had sent after learning of her infection.

In addition to coming up with COVID-19, 2020 has truly been a challenging year for DeGeneres. Early in the year, she found her and her show in the middle of a scandal as employees began to complain of a “toxic workplace” as more and more stories began to pop up, some from credible sources and others with anonymous attached to them, about what was going on behind the scenes of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Even as early as this month, Buzzfeed posted a story about DeGeneres struggling to gain advertisers and bookings due to the reports of sexual harassment and the work environment. Though later disputed by staffers, the article specifically pointed to the always-popular 12 Days of Giveaways promotion that runs on the show in December and how the company was struggling to gain sponsors. DeGeneres ended up having to cut the promotion short due to her positive diagnosis.