Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Sends Moving Message to 'The Challenge' Star Whose Daughter Has Days to Live

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is one of the many individuals who has reached out to The Challenge star Ashley Cain amid his daughter's health crisis. According to TMZ, Johnson sent Cain a message after hearing about the reality star's daughter, Azaylia, who only has days to live following her leukemia diagnosis. While Cain and his partner, Safiyaa Vorajee, were raising money to go to Singapore for Azaylia to receive treatment, they recently shared an update that they would not be able to treat their daughter's cancer as it spread throughout her body.

Cain posted Johnson's video message on his Instagram account. In the clip, the actor explains that he doesn't always check his direct messages, but that he happened to check them recently and saw a note from one of Cain's friends about Azaylia's health battle. He began, "I want to tell you, first of all, I'm so sorry to hear about your beautiful daughter Azaylia." Johnson added, "You tell that little lion I said, "Let's go Champ, and to stay strong.' And brother I'm so sorry to hear this news. But, I don't have to tell you that your daughter's strength is what strengthens you and all her loved ones around her. And in that she has already had this incredible impact on the world already." He ended his message by telling Cain to "stay strong."

As previously mentioned, Cain recently shared a heartbreaking update about his daughter's battle with cancer. While he and Vorajee were hopeful that they would be able to go to Singapore for a specific treatment for her severe leukemia diagnosis, they were told that Azaylia would not be able to survive the process and that she might only have days to live as her cancer had spread throughout her body. He told his followers on Instagram and he and Vorajee decided to take Azaylia home and make her "as comfortable as possible." Cain wrote, "Even with a barbaric disease consuming her blood, tumors in her brain and organs, and amounts of pain I cannot imagine... She is still battling through 9 days later, with parts of the day with nothing but smiles despite her discomfort."

"This is a testament of this little girl's strength and the fight she has possessed all of the ways through," Cain continued. "She has fought a battle that not many, if any, of us could have endured and she’s earned the love and respect of many on the way. The truth is though, I hope and pray that I have earned hers! Even through the hardest and saddest time of my life, she has found a way to make it better."