'The Challenge' Star Raising Money for Daughter's Leukemia Treatment

The Challenge alum Ashley Cain is opening up about his infant daughter's heartbreaking battle with [...]

The Challenge alum Ashley Cain is opening up about his infant daughter's heartbreaking battle with leukemia. The Ashley's Reality Roundup reported that Cain, who appeared on Season 33 of the MTV series, recently started a GoFundMe to raise money for a potentially life-saving treatment for his daughter, Azaylia. While they were initially seeking one million pounds for the treatment, which would involve them going to Singapore for a period of one year, their fundraiser has since raised over £1,500,000.

In a lengthy statement on Instagram, Cain opened up about this new treatment plan for his daughter, whom he shares with Safiyaa Vorajee. Baby Azaylia, whom the couple welcomed in August, has been battling a rare form of leukemia since she was around two months old. After she relapsed following her latest course of treatment, Cain and Vorajee were told that the only opinion they have left is to go to Singapore where Azaylia can receive a CAR-T therapy and a haplo treatment. They would have to stay in Singapore for a minimum of one year while Azaylia is treated for her illness.

"Azaylia is such a strong little girl who has fought through every near impossible battle so far and she has done it all with love in her heart and a smile on her face!" Cain wrote, alongside photos of his daughter. "We pray that we can raise the funds to get her to Singapore so she can continue fighting for the life that she loves so much!" The Challenge star went on to ask his followers for their support as they head out on this new phase of Azaylia's health journey, adding, "Please help us to save our beautiful daughter Azaylia, she has inspired not only us as her parents but so many other people around the world. If you have been following our journey you can see that she shows us all everyday how much she loves life and wants to be here!"

The Challenge community, and those who have been following Cain and Azaylia's story, came out in full force to support their cause. As previously mentioned, their GoFundMe has already amassed over £1,500,000. In light of this overflowing amount of support, Cain shared an update on the fundraiser's page in which he wrote that he and his family will be organizing a charity bike ride in order to support Azaylia and others who are battling this type of illness. They also shared that they can now "begin the process" of traveling to Singapore, adding, "Meanwhile here in the UK, consultants are working hard to control Azaylia's disease with further chemotherapy to get her into remission and ready for us to embark on our greatest journey yet!" Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by CBS Interactive, a division of ViacomCBS.