Josh Peck and Drake Bell Reunite, Joke About Wedding Snub and Their Fight

After officially reuniting at the MTV VMAs on Sunday, Drake Bell and Josh Peck have been able to joke about their recent fight after Bell wasn't invited to Peck's June wedding and took to Twitter to air his grievances.

The former Drake & Josh stars came together on Peck's vlog to discuss the incident, meeting up at the VMAs to ease fans' minds with some brotherly love after Peck jokingly asked Bell to tell Facebook to be nice to him.

In another clip, Peck stood with his arm around Bell as the duo spoke into the camera.

"You're welcome, childhood," Peck said, before Bell chimed in, "It just feels right."

The pair also addressed the snub in a joke-fight caught in a behind-the-scenes video from Josh's friend David Dobrick

"Wedding looked like it sucked anyway," Bell said.

"Oh, f*ck you!" Peck replied.

"F*ck me? You know what, Mom never even liked you!" Bell shot back.


"She's not our mom—we're not on a TV show!" Peck said.

Photo Credit: YouTube / David Dobrick