Dr. Drew's Latest Potential Position is Churning Outrage

Dr. Drew Pinsky has been nominated for a position on the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, [...]

Dr. Drew Pinsky has been nominated for a position on the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, something that does not sit well with many people in the area. Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger is behind the nomination, with some treating it as a joke before it became clear that she was serious and the decision was real.

The position would give Pinsky a say on budgets, funding, planning and other policies for homeless people in the county. This reach plays a part in what makes the nomination controversial, with some pointing to Pinsky's past controversies and views on homelessness. He has made it clear in the past that he feels California has "mishandled" homelessness.

"Something is dreadfully wrong and people are dying" Pinsky said. "That's my biggest concern, and when I go out and talk to homeless people, I encounter my patients, almost exclusively. That doesn't mean that's all that's out there. I don't think most people in the public understand what is really needed and the depths of services that are required."

The reality TV doctor also seemed surprised his nomination was controversial, ignoring his past controversies and comments. This includes his view on COVID-19 and the ongoing pandemic, even ignoring guidelines himself to go out for a meal during the height of the pandemic. He called the pandemic a "press-induced panic" that was no worse than the common flu.

According to Deadline, Invisible People founder Mark Horvath had his issues with the nomination and did hesitate to voice them. "Even on a surface level, why are you (appointing) a celebrity doctor — and I use the term 'doctor' loosely — that has recent activity with being a COVID denier?"

This follows his own bout with COVID-19 back in December, earning plenty of criticism from fans and onlookers alike. "Drew, not trying to be an ass, but you spent so much time out and about. Traveling, partying it out at resorts, and acting like everything was fine. Sorry you caught it, but you brought that on yourself. Your jeans were low and loose from the beginning of Covid."

We'll have to see how this plays out. It is safe to say that Dr. Drew is not a popular figure when it comes to his opinions and expertise.