Aaron Carter Slams Dr. Drew Pinsky After 'Celebrity Rehab' Doc Compares Him to Britney Spears

Aaron Carter shocked everyone over the weekend when he revealed his massive new face tattoo. [...]

Aaron Carter shocked everyone over the weekend when he revealed his massive new face tattoo. It's unclear exactly what it is, but the ink appears to be at least similar to Medusa, the Greek monster with snakes for hair.

He showed off the new tattoo again this week when he posted images of himself on his dirt bike to Instagram. Plenty of fans seem to be concerned about the singer, and even his tattoo artist says he tried to talk Carter out of getting the face mural. The artist also said that Carter wanted to get his entire face covered in a tattoo, but he refused to do it.

Now Dr. Drew is joining the chorus of the concerned. TMZ caught up with the television doctor and he said the tattoo reminds him of when Britney Spears famously shaved her head in 2007. Less than a day later, Spears checked into a rehab facility.

Carter wasn't pleased with Dr. Drew's comments and took to Twitter to attack him. "hey @drdrew if you're gonna say on you Tmz post initially that YOU CANT REALLY COMMENT & then you dive right in without even knowing me?," he tweeted.

He followed that up with another that said, "@drdrew you immediately start listing off my 'Issues' DON'T drag @britneyspears into it. Have a conversation w ME. Leave @britneyspears out of MY "ISSUES' which you know nothing abou, I'm a man & my face tattoo is my body, my canvas, no right to judge a book by its cover."

Some fans are rallying behind Carter in his mentions.

"Someone that judges a book by its cover is probably someone that can't read. Dr who? Sure he's dr?," one asked. "Why do people make such a big deal when people get tattoos on their face...if that's what they wanna do then so be it, they ain't paying your bills," another said.

But plenty are still worried.

"Britney never had a breakdown since 2008 and she's been fine since then. But you on the other hand need help," one wrote.

"I don't know you personally but I am praying for you," replied a second person.

Earlier on Wednesday, Carter responded to one person's concerned by saying he's fine. "ummm im fine....im doing better than I ever have?? ummm I am healed but I am always working on bettering myself," he insisted.