Dog the Bounty Hunter's Daughter 'Baby' Lyssa Shares Pride in Father's Search for Brian Laundrie

Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter Chapman's daughter "Baby" Lyssa recently spoke out about her father's search for Brian Laundrie, saying that feels very "proud to be a Chapman and even more proud to have you as my father." Lyssa shared the comment alongside a photo of her famous dad and also included a quote from iconic author Harper Lee. "She did not stand alone, but what stood behind her, the most potent moral force in her life, was the love of her father," reads the quote.

Laundrie was reported missing by his parents on Sept. 17, just days before the body of his girlfriend, Gabby Petito, was found in Wyoming. He'd reportedly been uncooperative with authorities in her missing person case prior to going missing himself. Chapman recently got involved in the search for Laundrie and has been posting social media videos of his search. He previously shared a clip that detailed his "active and specific search in a key area," which was "based on the intelligence we are receiving and researching." Chapman added, "Boat crews and ground teams have been called in and we have search and rescue dogs deployed." On Sept. 29 Chapman posted on Instagram that he and his team "discovered a campsite and fresh Monster can deep in the woods while searching Shell Island off the coast of Florida for" Laundrie. It was also noted that "the Monster can showed no rust or faded colors," possibly indicating that whoever built the abandoned campsite had not been gone for long. 

Chapman has been working on his own to try and find the missing Florida man, choosing not to work alongside law enforcement officials in his hunt. Chapman defended his decision to do so, telling Newsmax, "I guess we kind of do the same thing but I really don't pay too much attention, like they don't pay too much attention to me." He added, "After 45 years, I don't call the police, they're usually called on me - so I don't know what they're doing." Chapman went on to say, "I can't call up and say, 'Hey, G-Man, what's going where's your leads?' And they don't call me and say, 'Hey, Dog, where's your leads?' so I have no idea." 


The famed TV bounty hunter went on to share that, while he isn't seeking police assistance in his Laundrie hunt, there is one situation where his team will call for law enforcement. "Now if someone's in a house and they start firing at us then we call Big Brother and they send the SWAT and the dogs and get the guy," Chapman said. "But I don't check in with the police officers or the government to tell them what I'm doing and again they don't check in with me to tell me what they're doing." At this time, Laundrie's whereabouts are still unknown.