Dave Bautista Calls Donald Trump 'Fake President' Over 'Fake News' Tweet

Dave Bautista has once more lobbed some criticism at President Donald Trump on Saturday. The Guardians of the Galaxy star quote-tweeted a post from the president, where he called him out for his continued attacks on the news media.

The initial tweet from Trump wrote about "how few quotes from an actual person are given nowadays by the Lamestream Media." He also added that "unnamed or anonymous sources are almost always FAKE NEWS." Given Trump's history of making false claims, Bautista took issue with the president calling out anyone else over their honesty. So much so that he called it "the joke of the f-ing century."

The wrestler-turned-actor has been a regular critic of Trump and has, like many others, criticized his administration's response to coronavirus back in March. "We've all had too much of Biff's s—," he tweeted on March 26, referring to the villainous character from the Back to the Future franchise. "Except the brain dead morons who continue to support him without a logical thought in their minds of why they actually support him. Anyway... don't get me started on President Dumb-Dumb."

While Bautista definitely has a penchant for speaking his mind, his remarks directed at Trump have often ended up dividing his fans. Still, that has not appeared to deter the actor from doing so. He even weighed in on Trump's attendance of The Nationals World Series game back in October, which elicited quite a few boos from the crowd.


"What a d—! Props to [DC] for booing that scumbag out of the building," Bautista posted. "Please leave our city dumb-dumb! ... and just to be clear about what's happening here, people were cheering and clapping for members of our armed forces who were in attendance. And then they put what's his face on the screen and the boos rolled in, followed by the 'lock him up' chants. Yes MAGA Morons! That s— happened!"

Recently, Trump has faced steady criticism which only seems to have intensified as coronavirus continued to spread throughout the month of March, leading to the current social distancing guidelines that are in effect until the end of April (at least). As of Tuesday, Johns Hopkins reports that there have been 602,989 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the U.S., out of just under two million worldwide.