Corey Feldman Retracts Controversial Tweet About Late '7th Heaven' Star Lorenzo Brino's Death, Says He Was 'Misinformed'

Actor Corey Feldman is now retracting a controversial tweet he published Monday, in which he implied the death of 7th Heaven actor Lorenzo Brino was related to Brino's work with an actor who admitted to abusing underage girls. In his new tweet, Fedlman apologized to Brino's family, claiming he was "misinformed." The Stand By Me actor thought Brino took his own life, although Brino died in a car accident.

"Hello I wanted [to] apologize [to] the family of the deceased actor [Lorenzo Brino] as I was misinformed & spoke out of place," Feldman tweeted in all capital letters. "I had been told his death was a suicide when in fact it was an accident & that's a big difference! My deepest regrets & sympathy [to] Lorenzo's family."

"Here we go again, another child star dies, after working with a convicted pedophile on [7th Heaven] & [people] wonder [why] [child stars] self destruct!" Feldman wrote in a now-deleted tweet. He included a link to The Hollywood Reporter's obituary, which notes Brino died in a car accident early last week.

Feldman's tweet not only implied Brino took his own life, but also implied the actor's death was linked to his work with 7th Heaven co-star Stephen Collins. In 2014, Collins admitted to sexually abusing three underage girls between 1973 and 1994. Collins later went on ABC News' 20/20 and denied being a pedophile. The scandal led to him being fired from Scandal and Ted 2.

Twitter users were quick to criticize Feldman for his initial tweet, accusing him of trying to profit off another actor's death because he included a link to his documentary (My) Truth. The documentary was released earlier this month and included more details about his allegations that both he and the late Corey Haim were sexually abused by powerful people in Hollywood. In the film, Feldman claims Haim told him Charlie Sheen sexually abused him when they made the 1986 movie Lucas together.

This was not the first time Sheen was accused of sexually assaulting Haim in 1986. Back in 2017, former actor Dominick Brascia told the National Enquirer that Haim told him Sheen sexually abused him. Sheen denied the allegations at the time and threatened to sue Brascia and the tabloid for defamation. Haim's mother defended Sheen and called Brascia a "scam artist."

This month, Sheen issued a statement denying Feldman's allegations.

"These sick, twisted and outlandish allegations never occurred, period," Sheen said through a spokesperson. "I would urge everyone to consider the source and read what his mother, Judy Haim, has to say."

Brino, who played Sam Camden on 7th Heaven, died in a car crash last week. He reportedly lost control of his Toyota Camry and struck a pole. He was 21.

"Believe me when I say that you drove me so insane at times, but you were also a part of some of my most cherished memories," Brino's sister Mimi Brino wrote on Instagram. "I am so so happy to know that I was beyond loved by you and that I forever have a guardian angel by my side."


Photo credit: Jerod Harris/Getty Images