Corey Feldman Denies Sexual Assault and Harassment Allegations, Claims He Has Evidence

Actor Corey Feldman has denied the allegations against him, and claiming he has evidence to the contrary. The actor was accused of sexual assault, harassment and abuse by members of the SAG-AFTRA National Board, which Feldman was previously a member. On Tuesday, Feldman issued a lengthy statement about the matter to The Hollywood Reporter.

"As a victim myself of sexual predators and an avid spokesperson on behalf of victims everywhere, I welcome an investigation," Feldman wrote. "Beyond that, I don't care to dignify the alleged claims of women who have been stalking me and harassing me endlessly for some time, for which I have contacted police." He went on to detail the proof he claims he has to refute his accusers. "My team and I have been tracking their movements for a very long time, and we have recordings and emails, along with eyewitnesses who will attest to the fact that this is all part of a covert operation to discredit, defame and ignore the claims I have been making for decades which have still not been investigated by [the Los Angeles Police Department] or the DA of [California]."

Feldman goes on to ask why "nobody investigated the fact that his doc was hacked, stolen, pirated and given away losing 80 Million in potential sales? " In closing, the Goonies star claimed that "the same girls made the same claims two years ago and it was investigated and I was cleared by both LAPD and the DA, and say I'm greatly disappointed and have lost complete faith in SAG leadership, that Gabrielle Carteris would abandon precious measures I was trying to implement for the future safety and protection of our children."

Patricia Richardson, Los Angeles Local president of SAG-AFTRA, had refused to remove Feldman from the committee, despite "numerous separate, detailed complaints from women who had been subject to or witness to sexual harassment, abuse and assault." She also refused to remove him following a June 17 request from Carteris, the union president (and former Beverly Hills 90210 star), which Feldman refers to in his statement. It's been reported that Richardson responded to Carteris' request for the actor's removal via email. "The charges sound serious but are unproven, baseless, possibly have been paid for," Richardson wrote. However, she failed to explain why she referred to the claims as "baseless" or why she wrote that they were "paid for."