Camille Kostek Shares 'Unbelievable' Experience Filming 'Free Guy' (Exclusive)

Free Guy was one of the top movies of the summer, and fans can now watch it anytime they want as it's out on digital, Blu-ray and 4K ultra HD. Even though moviegoers enjoyed seeing Free Guy, the cast had just as much fun filming it. recently caught up with Camille Kostek who plays Bombshell in Free Guy and revealed why her experience on set was something she will always remember. 

"It was unbelievable," Kostek told PopCulture. "First off, it took place in Boston and Boston feels like a second home to me. I grew up in a small town in Connecticut, but I've lived outside of the city for a handful of years. When I found out that this hit film was going to be filming in a place that was like home to me, I was so excited. It makes such a difference to get this sleep at home and drive to set. Rob [Gronkowski] even had the opportunity to come visit. Shawn Levy was cool enough to allow him to visit set and stuff. It felt like it was the best of both worlds. It was my world's colliding. It was New England meets Free Guy."

Of course, Kostek has been in a relationship with Gronkowski since 2015, who spent the majority of his NFL career with the New England Patriots. But along with filming in a place very familiar to her, Kostek also got to work with some talented actors, including Ryan Reynolds, with whom she shares a special scene in the film. 

"Growing up watching so many of his films, it's very rare that he plays, like, a super bad guy," Kostek said about Reynolds. "So I feel like he's most of the time the hero. And he's been in so many of my favorite romcoms and it's such a beautiful love story. And it's always a very feel-good film. And so for me, I had like this preconceived idea of this standup, awesome, funny, lovable guy and he reassured me of that within minutes of being around him and being on set with him. He is so easy to talk to, even before he gets into character."

Kostek continued: "I'm such a fan of his wife, Blake [Livlely], and I had the opportunity to meet her at the premiere. And she is such a doll. It's no secret to why they found each other and why they're together. And have such a beautiful family because they're just great, great people. He was great to work with. And then we just had an exchange of just a few lines together and I was very excited to have such an empowering line."

The premise of Free Guy is a non-playable video game character who realizes he's in a video game. But is Kostek a fan of video games? "I can't say that I was ever really good at video games," she said. "I was good at Pac-Man. I was good at Mario Kart. I was good at a lot of computer games, [like] Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? As far as the video game world went, when I was watching the film, there was a lot for me to learn. 

"I feel like for people like Ninja, another one who made an appearance in the film, I feel like him watching the video game simulation world and me watching it is probably very different. He's probably paying attention to a lot of different things. I know that Shawn and Ryan had talked to him a lot about what would make sense. And you know what, a lot of people can see it in the bonus and the deleted scenes and the extended versions of stuff. That is out now, which are some of the exclusives that people can see and rent, where they really dive into that world of piecing it together and learning about that video game world."