Camille Kostek Talks Working With Ryan Reynolds in Upcoming Film 'Free Guy': 'He's Amazing' (Exclusive)

Camille Kostek is getting ready to host the reboot of the game show Wipeout, which will air on TBS [...]

Camille Kostek is getting ready to host the reboot of the game show Wipeout, which will air on TBS very soon. Along with that, the 28-year-old model and actress is also preparing for the release of her new movie with Ryan Reynolds. caught up with Kostek, who talked about working with Reynolds in Free Guy, which will be released in 2021.

"He's amazing," Kostek said in our PopCulture @ Home series about Reynolds. "Even off-set when I listen to him speak to other people or when he's giving me corrections with my script or my acting, it almost feels like his life off-camera and out of movies is still a movie. He's such a stand-up guy."

Free Guy also stars Jodie Comer, Lil Rel Howery, Taika Waititi and Joe Kerry. The film focuses on an open-world video game called Free Guy and Guy (Reynolds) is a non-player character working as a bank teller. But thanks to a program developed by programmers Miller (Comer) and Keys (Kerry), Guy becomes aware of his world being a video game, and does what he needs to do in order to be the hero. Kostek, who plays the role of Bombshell in Free Guy, talked about how she was able to get along with Reynolds from the start.

"Him and I actually bonded over the fact that I have a girl-crush on Blake [Lively] and he has a man-crush on Rob [Gronkowski]," Kostek said of Reynolds' and her significant others, respectively. "He's such a great guy. I say all the time that acting has been very new in my career. I feel so blessed and so lucky to have him being the main actor because he was able to critique me and coach me through it. ...He's awesome to work with."

As Kostek advances in her hosting and acting career, she is also working on other projects. "I'm still doing stuff with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. That was another dream job on my list," Kostek said of her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue cover last year.

During her free time amid the pandemic, Kostek said she's "really been able to get super creative during the downtime of being home and not having to travel all the time," which includes getting interested in designing. "I've always wanted to put those thoughts to paper and then take that paper to the design room and go into full production," she said.