Bryce Hall Confronts Paparazzi While out With Addison Rae: 'You're Trying to 'F— Me Over'

TikTok star Bryce Hall angrily confronted a paparazzi crew on Saturday night in a video that is [...]

TikTok star Bryce Hall angrily confronted a paparazzi crew on Saturday night in a video that is now going viral. Ironically, Hall was demanding that the crew stop filming him in a clip that is now being watched all over the internet. Many commenters sympathized with his girlfriend and fellow TikTok star Addison Rae in the clip.

Hall pulled up to the Saddle Ranch restaurant in Los Angeles, California in Rae's bright pink Tesla in the new video. Rae handed the keys off to a valet driver and their small party prepared to go inside, but Hall made a B-line for the camera crew from The Hollywood Fix on the sidelines. For about a minute, he berated the crew for damaging his reputation and filming him without his consent. As the confrontation started, Rae hid her face and hurried into the restaurant without him.

"Dude, can you stop trying to make me look like a f—ing a—hole?" Hall asked. When the reporter denied this accusation, Hall said: "You are! I literally told you to stop filming me. You're filming me, I told you to stop and you're still doing it. Like, you're doing your job, I get it, but it's f—ing weird. It's like, I know what you're going to title that video! It's f—ing annoying! You are, I've seen your guys' titles, I watch your videos. You guys are trying to f— me over in a way, and I don't like it."

"It makes me — to all the impressionable fans who watch this videos — it makes me look like an a—hole," Hall went on. "And I'm not. I respect your guys' grind, you're f—ing on it, but the fact that I told you to stop and then you went right over there and did it again... Just please don't title your video something stupid."

After that, Hall stalked into the restaurant and out of sight, leaving some bystanders audibly confused. Commenters were more divided on whether Hall had crossed a line, with many saying he was well within his rights to chastise the camera crew.

"As he should he said it respectfully and some of the pap just doesn't give a f— like he's telling to stop then stop smh," one fan wrote. Another added: "Is not the fact that he is beeing filmed, because he is in a public place after all. Is the fact that pap's videos make Bryce look like an a—hole cheater because he is talking to some female. Its not the first time."

Hall and Rae's relationship remains someone controversial among fans, especially as they speculate about fidelity and other drama. So far, the couple have not commented publicly on the angry video.