Britney Spears Shares Scrabble Tiles, and Fans Think There's a Hidden Message

Britney Spears shared a picture of her scrabble boards and fans are trying to find a possible hidden message. Following the release of Framing Britney Spears, fans are more determined than ever to fight for her freedom following her conservatorship that started in 2008. "Can you find a word that isn't actually a word???? Sometimes it's fun to make ones up," she captioned the photo.

Fans have flooded the comment section determined to decode any possible sign or hint she's trying to relay to them — something fans feel she's done in the past with her posts. "Me looking for clues," one person wrote, while someone else echoed, "The whole world is trying to decode right now." Another one of her fans commented, "Please someone crack the code, she's trying to tell us something."

More fans continued to plea for help in decoding a potential message, "Please someone figure out the secret message," with another follower saying, "Okay Britney's Army, find the hidden message!" Spears fans are without a doubt determined to help the pop icon gain freedom as they have continued to push the "Free Britney" movement.

Following the release of the documentary over Super Bowl weekend, onlookers were floored to hear how some of the closest people to her reacted to her conservatorship. While her family members have not addressed the film as of yet, Spears and her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, have broken their silence. With Spears giving a rather surfaced response, she shared a video of her performing on stage detailing how she's shocked that three years have already passed and said that things aren't always as they seem.

Asghari, on the other hand, called her father, Jamie Spears, out for being a "d—" and admitting that he has "zero respect" for him after he's seemingly made life more difficult for the couple as the years have passed. In his Instagram stories, he said that while he plans on keeping details to himself, he will speak out against her father showing his disapproval that Jamie is in charge of Spears' life as much as he is. While onlookers have known she's been in a conservatorship for years, the documentary sparked a different side of fans, eager to help her as much as they can.


Since then, Spears has continued to post on her social platform and it's rumored that she's working on her own documentary. However, she fears her father will try and paint himself in a positive light, so she's potentially waiting to get out from under his control before she moves forward with it, but nothing is confirmed as of yet.