Britney Spears Focusing on Healing and 'Taking Time' to Process Father's Conservatorship Suspension

Britney Spears is celebrating the removal of her father Jamie Spears as conservator of her estate, but the "Lucky" singer clearly has some trauma to work through. Jamie has been in control of Spears' estate since 2008, and the pop star has been in a prolonged legal battle to get back control of her life and finances. Variety reports that Judge Brenda Penny ruled that Spears' father would longer serve as the conservator of his daughter's estate and removed him from the conservatorship immediately. 

Shortly after news broke that the judge had ruled in favor of the pop star's legal team, Spears took to Instagram to share footage of herself flying a plane, which she captioned, "On cloud 9 right now [starstruck emoji, plane emoji]!!!! First time flying a plane and first time in a prop plane [plane emoji] !!! Geez I was scared [eye roll emoji] !!!" she continued. "Pssss bringing the ship 🛳 home, JL ... Stay classy beautiful people !!!! New pics coming soon [camera, winky face emoji] !!!!"

However, since that initial excitement, Spears posted on Instagram again, sharing a photo of a tree. "Although there is change and things to celebrate in my life, I still have a lot of healing to do !!" she wrote. "Thankfully I have a good support system and am taking time to understand it's ok to slow down and breathe !!!!! Only through self love I can pray … love … and support others in return !!!!"

 After Jamie was removed from his role as conservator at his daughter's request, John Zabel was appointed as her temporary conservator until December 31, 2021. The judge also ruled Jodi Montgomery's role as conservator of Britney's person would remain until the same date, although both legal teams will appear in court on Nov. 12 to determine if Britney's conservatorship should be completely terminated.

Britney has spoken out against the conservatorship in the past, condemning the restrictive structure around her life in a June hearing. Explaining how she couldn't even remove her own IUD to get pregnant or get married because of her conservatorship, the "Overprotected" artist explained she wasn't even aware she could be freed until recently.


"I want changes going forward. I deserve changes. I was told I have to sit down and be evaluated - again - if I want to end the conservatorship. I didn't know I could petition the conservatorship to end it," she said, adding, "I'm sorry for my ignorance, but I honestly didn't know that. I don't think I owe anyone to be evaluated. I've done more than enough. I don't feel like I should even be in a room with anyone to offend me by trying to question my capacity of intelligence, whether I need to be in this stupid conservatorship or not."