Blackpink's Lisa Reveals a Whole New Look

Blackpink's Lisa is back to blonde! The Thai rapper is known as the girl group's resident risk-taking fashionista and constantly changes her style, especially her hair.  

Lisa shared recent photos of her golden tresses on her official Instagram account. On March 21, the style maven posted pictures of her sporting the new hair color as she appreciates a day at the park, including a massive hunk of pink cotton candy.  

Lisa is also sporting a fashionably casual spring outfit consisting of a black Celine bag (a brand she is the global ambassador for), an oversized patchwork quilt jacket, loose-fitting black pants, and classic white sneakers. 

While the K-pop star's honey locks are a favorite of BLINKS (Blackpink's fanbase), they have long since become accustomed to the host of creative colors and cuts Lisa has modeled since her debut. 

Here a just a few of her past hairstyles:  

Last November, Lisa's hair debuted with a fresh dark pink bob cut. 

In October 2021, she posed for a photo with nape-length brown locks, which appear close to her regular hair's original color and length. 

Ponytails are a staple of Lisa's rotating roster of styles and brought the blonde out again for an extra-long pair in September 2021. 

Fans praised a photo of her long, wavy, strawberry blonde tresses on Instagram in May 2021. 

Stylists spiked Lisa's brown bob with pink highlights for Blackpink's music video Ice Cream

Lisa sported shoulder-length blunt-cut dark burgundy hair with her ever-present bangs for a selfie in July 2020. 

Lisa's constantly changing hair has made her a style idol, but her bold hairdos have had a cost. During a YouTube video on her channel from September 2021, the artist shared that frequent dyeing had damaged her hair. At 1:36, she shows off her damaged ends after bleaching for recent Blackpink music promotions.

Lisa released her debut single album Lalisa in September 2021, and its titular lead track debuted at number 84 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The music video for the song became the most-viewed video by a soloist in 24 hours with 73.6 million views, breaking the record held by Taylor Swift's "Me!" featuring Brendon Urie.

She followed up the release with the B-side track Money, which peaked at number 90 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number ten on the Billboard Global 200.