Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Roast Old Throwback Photos on 'Tonight Show'

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are promoting their new movie The Last Duel, a medieval epic from director Ridley Scott that also stars Adam Driver and Jodie Comer. Affleck and Damon co-write the script with Can You Ever Forgive Me? screenwriter Nicole Holofcener, and the three of them stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to discuss The Last Duel and why it took them over 20 years to write another movie together after breaking into Hollywood with 1997's Good Will Hunting.

"I think Good Will Hunting took us so long, we were like unemployed broke guys. It took us forever to write that screenplay," Damon explained. "I think we wrote thousands and thousands of pages, we didn't really know what we were doing. I think that put us off writing again, because we never thought we'd have the time. We found writing this that we actually picked up structure over the last 25 years of making movies, and so it went a lot faster."

In the Interview, Fallon showed off a photo of Damon and Affleck in their 20s at the Good Will Hunting premiere, before they became some of the biggest names in Hollywood. "You wouldn't image that those two idiots would still be around!" Affleck joked. "I'm not sure what was going through my head there, it looks a little like a Zoolander outtake." However, Fallon wasn't done with the nostalgia, breaking out a photo of the famous duo at 17 years old wearing matching puka shells In a photo booth. The men famously grew up together in Boston, proving that their friendship is one of the greats. "Those guys clearly have 'star' written all over them," quipped Damon. "Nicole, you should write a movie with those guys," Affleck added.

The friendship between the two of them is definitely shining through on the press tour for The Last Duel. Damon recently  told Entertainment Tonight that one scene in the historical drama almost had Damon planting a kiss on Affleck, but instead the scene featured Damon kneeling instead. "That's what goes on at home, too," Affleck joked of his longtime friend. "I actually have to kneel before him," Damon agreed with a laugh. "Once he started directing, that's actually how I have to get in his house." Despite the scene being historically accurate, Scott decided to nix It. Damon and Affleck explained that it never made it into the final script. "Ridley thought it would be distracting, and his instincts are pretty good," Affleck said.