'Killing Eve' Star Jodie Comer Reveals She Almost Died During Filming of Season 2

Killing Eve star Jodie Comer does a lot of crazy things in her role as Villanelle, but one Season 2 scene almost left her dead.

The role on the BBC America series has led Comer to do ambitious stunts, ride motorcycles and take a few punches, but the actress revealed that a scene involving eating lots of carbs almost pushed her to her limit.

The scene featured Villanelle "eating some pasta in a very grotesque way," Comer told Entertainment Weekly.

"She's trying to prove a point about something. She's playing it up, being her usual childish self, and the pasta was extremely dry. And it was extremely thick. I was shoveling it in, and then it just shot down my throat and then I was full-on choking. They must have it on camera — a medic came in and managed to get it out, but my life definitely flashed before me... I just remember being opposite the other actor and looking at him, and he thought I was making a weird acting choice. So yeah, it's ruined pasta for me completely."

Comer admits the incident was terrifying at the time, but she can now laugh about the on-set mishap.

"I was full-on crying," she said, before sharing that when she shared the story with her brother, it quickly turned into a funny anecdote.

"[He] was like, 'I love this. Of all the things that could have killed Villanelle, it was a mouthful of pasta,'" says Comer, who sums up: "It was my most dangerous Villanelle moment."

Killing Eve — which led star Sandra Oh to win a Golden Globe, Critics' Choice and SAG Awards in 2019 — will undergo some changes for its highly-anticipated second season. Series creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who also created Fleabag, stepped down from the show and handed over the story to her good friend Emerald Fennell.

"The thing about the show is that it walks such a delicate line between hilarious and beautiful and crazy, but also kind of honest," Fennell told EW. "We were really conscious of the temptation to be like, 'Let's explode a ton of buildings!' There are some amazing murders because everyone loves murdering people. But we've not gone over the top. We're not going to see [Comer] on a high wire with a machine gun."

The espionage thriller will also benefit from airing both on BBC America and AMC for its second season, as the cable network searches for its next big hit since The Walking Dead's ratings decline.

"It's a great opportunity to expose more people to Killing Eve," AMC Networks Chief Operating Officer Ed Carroll told the LATimes when news of the simulcast were first announced. "These times demand trying some nonconventional methods. And if you have a platform as big and broad as AMC, then it seems like a good thing to try."

Killing Eve Season 2 premieres Sunday, April 7 on BBC America and AMC.