Jared Leto Is Unrecognizable in 'House of Gucci' Character Poster

Director Ridley Scott's upcoming film House of Gucci is shaping up to be a major awards contender [...]

Director Ridley Scott's upcoming film House of Gucci is shaping up to be a major awards contender this year, and the first posters have certainly gotten Twitter talking. While fans were thrilled to see the high glamour of Lady Gaga and Adam Driver, the most shocking character transformation was easily Jared Leto, who is absolutely unrecognizable. The film will cover the famous scandal when Patrizia Reggiani (Gaga), the Italian socialite who infamously hired a hitman to kill her ex-husband, Maurizio Gucci (Driver), in 1995. Leto will be portraying Paolo Gucci, Maurizio's cousin.

"Spanning three decades of love, betrayal, decadence, revenge, and ultimately murder, we see what a name means, what it's worth, and how far a family will go for control" the official film synopsis reads, so this is sure to be Oscar bait. Add in Leto's dramatic transformation and it's a done deal. However, Twitter focused in on a very important question: why bother hiring Leto and make him look completely different?

"Can somebody please tell Jared Leto (and all of Hollywood really) that dramatic physical transformations are not acting," wrote one Twitter user. "This is a petty gripe, but it's SO ridiculous to cast jared leto in a role that could be played by any average-looking character actor," pointed out writer Gavia Baker-Whitelaw.

"Jared Leto spends 6 years going through crazy physical and mental transformations for every role, and then you watch the movie and his performance is just incredibly mid," quipped another person on Twitter. "Jared Leto is like if a random person on the street read a book and tried to convince you they were Daniel Day-Lewis."

House of Gucci hits theaters in November, so movie fans will have to wait and see if this prosthetic gambit pays off. Following House of Gucci, Leto will next be seen in Marvel's Morbius and WeCrashed alongside Anne Hathaway.