Andrew Shue Never Gave Ex-Wife Amy Robach an Engagement Ring

The 'Melrose Place' actor and 'GMA3' alum separated in August 2022.

Amy Robach is opening up about the less conventional aspects of her marriage to ex-husband Andrew Shue. The former GMA3 anchor, 51, revealed that her actor husband never gave her an engagement ring despite their 13-year marriage during the May 20 episode of the Amy & T.J. Podcast, which she hosts alongside former colleague and current romantic partner T.J. Holmes

Discussing the cost of rings, Robach shared that in her first marriage to Tim McIntosh from 1996 to 2008, her engagement ring was $3,000, while she "didn't even really have one" in her marriage to the Melrose Place actor. "My second one didn't exist," she said of an engagement ring during her relationship with Shue.

Robach said it's probably for the best, however, looking at how their relationship ended. "I also think this is a cautionary tale because we do know that close to 50% of all marriages end in divorce," she explained. "If you think you've got some valuable property in a ring, no matter how much you spent, wait till you have to try to sell that said ring. It is pennies to what you actually purchased. So these beautiful pieces of jewelry don't appreciate. In fact, it's like buying a car. The second you try to sell it after you've purchased it, it goes down significantly in value."

Robach and Shue privately separated in August 2022, months before the former ABC personality's romance with Holmes was made public. Robach and Shue officially divorced in March 2023, while Holmes and his ex-wife, Marilee Fiebig, filed for divorce in December 2022 following their own separation

Also during the May 20 episode, Robach and Holmes revealed they had "discussed" exchanging promise rings. "I think any gesture of wanting to be together is beautiful," Robach said. "And, I think it's a beautiful thing to give or to receive. And it's a promise. And there's nothing legally binding you to that person ... we've discussed [and] don't mind that concept at all. To just promise to be together."

The couple is "on the fence" about marriage, however. "I wanna marry you. I don't need to. I want to be married to you. And that's such a different thing as we sit here and talk about engagement rings and joint accounts," said Holmes.

Robach added that after each of them have gone through two previous marriages, they've learned a lot about relationships and societal expectations. "We all get caught up in the traditions and in the expectations and in what we think we're supposed to do or what looks like the next thing to do," she said.