T.J. Holmes Reportedly Putting Strain on Amy Robach Relationship

Their affair was made public in 2022.

There's more rumors of trouble in paradise for Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes. The former GMA3 co-hosts were axed after their months-long secret love affair went public in November 2022. At the time, both were married to other people and claimed they were going through divorces. Holmes' ex, Marilee Fiebig, claimed she was blindsided by the ordeal. Since being axed from ABC, the two now have a podcast, Amy & T.J., where they've put their love on full display. But according to reports, things aren't good behind the scenes.

A source told InTouch that Holmes' unhinged behavior and jealousy are threatening their relationship. Holmes admits he can't bear to be separated from Robach and feels "anxiety" whenever she leaves the room. All of this reportedly stems from their affair being exposed and the fallout from it. 

"Everything they've been through in the past year and a half has turned T.J. into a clingy lover. He can't even stand being left alone for five minutes before he'll start looking for Amy," the InTouch insider shares. Their former spouses are now reportedly dating one another. 

"It's occurred to T.J and Amy both that their exes seem happier and more embraced by the public together than they are," says the insider. "Now T.J. and Amy only have each other and no one else to rely on, and it's made for a sticky situation. His jealousy and clinginess has pushed them to the brink," the insider adds. "If they don't get substantial jobs to occupy their time and thoughts soon, it could soon be over!"

Robach and Holmes have discussed their woes before. They had a tense exchange about being a united front in an early episode of the podcast, with Robach telling Holmes: "I'd love for you to do is to confide in me, to lean on me, to share with me so that we're a part of the solution together."

They spoke about the pressures of their romance and their jobs being "unfairly taken" from them. Robach became emotional as she told Holmes, "Love is a choice I believe, and I have chosen to love you."