Amanda Bynes Confirms Pregnancy: 'Baby on Board!'

It's official: Amanda Bynes is pregnant. The actress posted an Instagram snapshot of her ultrasound on Tuesday night, but has since deleted it, which confirmed in the caption simply that she has a "Baby on board!" The post comes just minutes after Bynes' on-again, off-again fiancé Paul Michael posted a photo of the two confirming that they were, indeed, expecting.

While Bynes' comments on the since-deleted post had been disabled, it was a safe bet that her fans are elated as she begins the long journey of parenthood. It was back in February when Bynes first told the world that she and Michael were a couple. The two reportedly met while attending an AA meeting, and by Valentine's Day, the Bynes revealed that the two had gotten engaged. Not long after that, Bynes introduced Michael to the world via Instagram video.

However, the former Nickelodeon star has deleted quite a few posts featuring the two of them after word spread that the two split in early March. Although they were reportedly back together as of Monday, March 9. It also happened to be the same day it was reported that Bynes was told by a judge to enter a psychiatric facility due to ongoing concern over her mental health.

Sources close to the situation spoke to The Blast at the time and revealed that Bynes, Michael and her family met for a conservatorship hearing around that time, which was when the judge ordered her to seek professional treatment. During the meeting, details of the actress' and Michael's engagement and her current mental state were discussed.

However, after Bynes left the hearing, she promised that she'd check herself into a live-in facility over the weekend, though she never actually showed up. According to sources, Bynes was flat-out "refusing to cooperate" on the matter.


Suffice to say, it's been an eventful time for Bynes of late. Back in February, the actress also debuted her new face tattoo on Instagram, which was of a simple black outline of a heart. While it's unclear what inspired the new ink, some have theorized that it might have been inspired by Margot Robbie's live-action take on the DC Comics character, Harley Quinn.