Alyssa Milano Gets Candid About Her Anxiety Disorder Medication After Criticism From Troll

Alyssa Milano is working to "erase the stigma" surrounding mental health after one of her Instagram followers called her medication regimen "very bi polarish." The Charmed actress, 48, doubled down with a video on social media after being met with criticism for sharing the daily medication she takes, saying in a new video posted Wednesday that her actual diagnosis is "generalized anxiety disorder with panic attacks and complex PTS."

"So, yeah. I know that you probably meant this as something that was going to be derogatory or hurtful, but I don't take it that way," she continued. "This is how I'm built. This is who I am, and I take medication for it. And I'm okay with that." In the caption, she continued, "Erase the stigma."

The actress' famous friends were quick to support her with Rosie O'Donnell commenting, "love u sister friend." Jodie Sweetin added, "Thank god for meds!! I'm so thankful for you to speak up about this. Why we shame and stigmatize mental illness is so ridiculous. Some people have high blood pressure. I have shit serotonin levels. We both take meds. Big deal."

Milano's other followers thanked her for speaking up about mental health. "PTSD and anxiety are no joke!!" one person wrote. "Anyone who diminishes anyone for suffering from this, really ought to re examine their qualities as a human." Another chimed in, "Thank you for supporting stop the stigma. I hesitate every time someone asks 'what's wrong with you?' Invisible illnesses are hard for others to understand."

Milano has been open about her mental and physical health challenges over the year, sharing with PEOPLE that over a year after contracting COVID in March 2020, she had been experiencing shortness of breath, heart palpitations, brain fog, exhaustion, and "aches and pains that feel like they're on a skeletal level."


"This virus is like nothing I've ever experienced in my life and impacted every part of my health, from my mental health to my physical health," she told the outlet. "In order to avoid that happening to you or people that you love, please get vaccinated and please once vaccinated follow your state guidelines and protocol, and keep people that you love safe."