Adele Reportedly Embarrassed and 'Self-Conscious' Over Recent Weight Loss

While 2020 has been a funky and frustrating year for many, one person showing the year who's boss is Adele after revealing her extreme weight loss! After losing more than 100 lbs. Adele's new waistline has become the center of conversation for many — but one source is coming forward to reveal that even though the Grammy winner has put in such hard work to shed so many pounds, she's feeling a little self-conscious from all the attention.

"Adele is finding the attention very embarrassing and still cringes when she walks into a room and all eyes are on her," the insider told the Heat. "She admits that although she may now look the best she ever has, she still gets incredibly self-conscious about her appearance, and sometimes finds it hard to believe that she looks as good as people say she does." Since her hit "Hello" bled into the ears of millions, the stunningly, talented singer has stayed mostly out of the spotlight.

It seems as though Adele was putting a positive spin on a dark time in her life after it was announced that she would be getting a divorce from estranged husband, Simon Konecki. After three years of marriage, the two found it best to go their separate ways, but little did fans know that during this time, she would lose so much weight. After sharing her progress on Instagram, her comments section was filled with nothing but praise, including from fellow celebrity friends like Chrissy Teigen, Rita Wilson and more. Even though she's been receiving so much love, the source explained she's still "shocked" when she looks at her new body.

"She says she's socked when she looks in the mirror, but she's really enjoying buying so many new clothes and is having a blast trying things on — from skimpy dresses to statement red-carpet creations. It's like she's making up for lost time, and she's spent thousands of dollars." The source added, "She says that she feels anxious whenever she goes out — she's never been truly comfortable with all of the attention. Her friends are really trying to work hard on persuading her that she's gorgeous and helping to build up her self-confidence, but it's going to take a while."


It was reported that Adele was receiving advice from pals like Beyoncé throughout her weight loss journey. The Grammy winner has been using the same trainer as Robbie Williams' wife Ayda and says, "I don't believe she liked exercise much, but she has changed her lifestyle, and I believe 90 percent was dieting."