Addison Rae and Hailey Bieber Respond to Rumors of a Feud Between Them

Hailey Bieber and Addison Rae are shooting down rumors of tension between them after a "rude" interaction on the model's YouTube went viral. Bieber's "Who's in My Bathroom" featuring Rae, which followed the duo making sandwiches, dropped on May 26. In the episode, Rae opened up about her split from ex-boyfriend and fellow TikTok star Bryce Hall.

"I think the lesson I learned from it is, keep your circle small, keep your fights private, keep intimate things private, and respect each other," Rae told Bieber. While Rae was talking about the sensitive subject, many viewers noticed the model was spraying whipped cream in her mouth, and the moment spread on social media quickly with comments that Bieber was being "rude" for not appearing to pay close attention.

In the June 24 episode of Rae's podcast That Was Fun?, the two cleared up the rumors that there was any beef between them. "So we did the Who's In My Bathroom and there was a part in it where I was talking about like my relationship and my life and Hailey was like eating, but like I feel like people took that clip so out of context," Rae explained of the backlash. "'Cause I mean we've talked about that so many times, it just happened to be public that time which like, I mean it was just a different case. We didn't want it to be serious, or awkward."

Bieber added that she didn't want the conversation to get "too intense and too deep," adding, "I never want someone to come on Who's in My Bathroom and feel like I'm trying to pry information out of them, or get them to talk about a subject that could potentially be sensitive or uncomfortable for them, just for the sake of views." The wife of Justin Bieber added she was just being "silly" in the moment and was "100% listening" to her friend.


The viral clip spread so far that Bieber revealed she had been sent the video by a friend with them asking, "Are you ignoring Addison?" to which the YouTuber had to ask herself, "What is going on?" While she didn't care what people watching thought of the clip, she revealed she was concerned about Rae's feelings potentially being hurt. The TikTokker then revealed that Bieber had called her to apologize and check on her, which while unnecessary, was "really sweet," she noted.