ABC Staffer Speaks out on T.J. Holmes' Inappropriate Relationship With Her

Amid the ongoing drama surrounding T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach's roles on Good Morning America, another scandal is rearing its head. In a new report from The Cut, an ABC staffer identified as Sascha opened up about the intimate relationship that she had with Holmes years prior. She also spoke about the inappropriate workplace environment on GMA, which she referred to as "a pretty scandalous place."

Sascha's alleged relationship with Holmes began months after he became an anchor on ABC News in 2014. The staffer, who was then 27 years old and a digital news associate, claimed that their relationship first became flirtatious after Holmes asked her for help setting up his Instagram account. They soon began an affair after working together on the overnight shifts with Sascha noting that she was aware of Holmes' marital status. She explained that her relationship with Holmes didn't set off any alarm bells due to what she described as the "rampant culture of sex" at ABC News. The news associate added that it was "a pretty scandalous place," especially during the overnight shift. 

After less than a year, Holmes and Sascha's alleged affair began to come to an end. When it did, Sascha was left "heartbroken" as she said that Holmes never gave her the heads up that he was leaving the overnight shift to work on GMA. Still, they continued to speak on the phone and hooked up once more a few years later. She claimed that when Holmes reached out to her in 2019, she wanted a friendship. Although, when she tried to meet up with him later on, Holmes didn't respond. She later texted him, "I'm pretty sure you only text me when you need attention. And then otherwise I don't really matter." His last response to her was reportedly, "Goodnight."

Sascha said that she had no animosity towards Holmes regarding their affair. However, things changed once she learned about the other allegations surrounding Holmes. She said, "I was just part of a pattern." Sascha continued to say that at the time, "I didn't even think about power dynamics. I thought I was special." In light of Holmes' alleged affair with Robach, which led to both of the anchors being let go from GMA, it has been reported that he engaged in relationships with other women during his time at GMA. Aside from Sascha, he has had an alleged relationship with a junior staffer who was in her mid-20s and a GMA producer who was in her 30s. Holmes declined to comment on The Cut's report. 

An ABC News spokesperson did release a statement regarding this latest report but did not dispute any specific anecdotes in it. Their statement read, "We do not condone or allow harassment or intimidation of any kind and take these matters very seriously and with immediacy. Creating a safe, respectful, and professional work environment for everyone has been, and continues to be, a top priority at ABC News."