Chris Pratt's Return to Social Media Left a Bad Taste For Many

Chris Pratt spent a little over a month away from social media before recently posting again, but his return is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of many.

In one of his first posts since early Dec., the Jurassic World star shared a photo of a table full of raw meat, which he ultimately revealed came from a sheep that he killed himself.

"Look at all this glorious food! We will eat off him for a month. His wool is becoming yarn as we speak. He lived a very good life. He was groomed and shorn, his hooves medicated, de wormed, no antibiotics necessary," Pratt's caption on the photo began.

"Surrounded by laughing loving humans, including children to whom they provided such joy. Nuzzled, pet and loved every day. No stressful travel to his final destination. Trauma Free. Just a touch of a usda certified wand to his head and he goes to sleep. The other sheep don’t even notice. It’s like unplugging a tv," the actor continued.

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"Then Wocka my butcher works his magic. Right now the meat is for friends, family and gifts. Soon though it may be available to my followers as we test recipes and open up to market. Gotta get some things dialed in first. I have found a new passion to add to my many others. #farmlife and jack loves it! You’ll know where to sprinkle my ashes. I’ll tell you that," Pratt concluded.

Many were not pleased with this recent development and took to letting Pratt know how they felt.

"Nothing better than a decaying body of animal that wanted to live? This is disgusting," one follower commented.

" ‘Like unplugging a tv’ I think this is actually the most insensitive description of an animal being killed," wrote another.

Some people had trouble containing their anger as there have numerous comments similar to the one that read, "Wow! This is truly f—ing sickening!! Smfh."

Not everyone was angry with Pratt, as some supported the way he handled the situation. "Glad Chris was able to write a nice caption about the treatment of his animal. Don't see that much now days with all the exposing of other meat farmers," commented one fan.

"Love this so much. The spirit of the animal lives on and provides," another said.

At this time, Pratt does not appear to have responded to his critics.