Tori Spelling Mom-Shamed Over Daughters' Makeup and Pink Hair

Tori Spelling posted a series of family photos to her Instagram account that showed her husband Dean McDermott and several of their kids enjoying an LOL Surprise party.

Everyone seemed to be having a great time, but as always a troll just couldn’t help but take issue with the images.

Spelling captioned the post by writing, “So thx to [LOLSurprise] I’m officially the coolest mom on the planet to my girls ( and Beau) right now. I took them to the LOL Surprise Winter Disco Launch Party this weekend! So much glitter, sparkle, and fun complete with [LOLSurprise] fashion show (with a glitter runway), magical ball pit, iridescent snow blow up slide, makeup and hair stations, LOL dollhouse crafting, DJ, pancake art and reveal of the new 2019 Winter Disco Dolls! Thx [LOLSurprise] for making all my kiddos so happy always and empowering young people to be anything they want to be!”

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In the photos, her girls can be seen with streaks of color in their hair and colorful makeup on. One person was not happy about this and wrote, "What is with all the makeup and dying those girls hair? Too young for that Tori!!!!"

Instead of letting the comment slide, Spelling clapped back at the troll. “It was a come dressed as your favorite LOL Doll party,” she replied. “Every kid there had pretend hair color and fun makeup and dresses! Theme party." Not that she owed the commenter any explanation. She went on to say, "You don’t let your kiddos dress up for theme costume parties? That’s sad."

There was no shortage of fans coming to Spelling’s defense, as well. “Why is it any of your business, it was just for a fun event, always someone having to give there unwanted opinion, Go Tori and girls, don't let the haters get to you,” one person replied.


Another gave Spelling a great compliment. "I’m sure you know this, but I’m going to say it anyway. You are a really great mom,” the fan wrote. “It’s obvious that your children are happy and loved.”

The family has been spending lots of quality time together lately. Last month, the couple and the five children they share went on a Hawaiian vacation that McDermott described in a very interesting way.