Pink and Carey Hart's Kids Climb 100-Foot Rock in First Outdoor Climb

Pink and Carey Hart's kids had their first outdoor rock climb this week, and the doting dad shared that they tackled a 100-foot cliff for their big day. On his Instagram page, Hart shared some pictures and a video of his daughter Willow Sage and son Jameson Moon absolutely rocking out on their climb. He also noted that Willow was so fast that he had a tough time snapping photos of her before she reached the top.

Our kids are gnarly," Hart wrote in the post. Using the kids' nicknames, Hart went on to say, "Willz and jamo's 1st time outdoor rock climbing. Willz was making quick work of this 100ft face, and it was hard to get pics of her since she was charging the top. Check out her stance in these photos. Jamo blew me away at how he charged this rock. Under grabs and really thinking his way up the face. The stoke is real."

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Hart and Pink first began dating way back in 2001, after meeting at the X Games. In 2004, Pink proposed to Hart at one of his races by holding up a sign that said, "Will You Marry Me?" They were married in 2006 but just two years later they announced they were separating.

After going to marriage counseling, the couple began dating again and eventually fully reconciled. They never divorced. In 2011, Pink delivered their first child, Willow. Jameson was born five years later, in 2016.

Recently, Pink sat down for an interview with the Today show, and opened up about parenting, saying that she has been "surprised" by how much she likes being a mom. I didn't really want to be a mom," the singer confessed. "I didn't not want to be a mom. But it just wasn't on my list of to-do's."


Pink shared that it was the experience of birthing Willow that really changed her perspective. "I had Willow and, man, that saying of 'watching your heart go walking outside of your body.' It's truly how it feels."

In another recent interview, Pink shared what it's like being out on that road with her children, confessing that it is not easy. "Touring with kids is impossible — and I did the impossible," she told PEOPLE. "For a while there were a lot of other pop stars that were emailing me and calling me for the playbook on how to tour with kids, so I wrote a playbook for other moms. You just keep going. I'm just thinking about: 'Am I raising a kind person? What's it like to be my kid?'"