'OITNB' Star Laura Prepon Reveals Rare Photo of Daughter Ella

Orange Is the New Black star Laura Prepon has just revealed a new photo of her daughter, [...]

Orange Is the New Black star Laura Prepon has just revealed a new photo of her daughter, Ella.

Prepon, who plays Alex Vause on the Netflix series, has been very secretive about showing Ella off to the world, but gave a glimpse at the 1-year old as she visited the OITNB set.

The 38-year-old actress is seen in a green sweater and she holds Ella in her arms. Ella is facing her mom, meaning that her face is hidden from the camera.

"Visit from my little one on set while directing this episode of OITNB," Prepon wrote, hashtags for "Female Filmmaker Friday"and "Orange family."

This photo is in similar fashion to the last time we saw Ella in a July photo. Her face is hidden, but Prepon was proud to show her off.

"The Jersey Girl doesn't fall far from the tree," Prepon wrote.

While she is keeping Ella's face under wraps, she recently opened up about how she and her husband, Ben Foster, balance their busy lives as professionals and parents.

"Ben and I are really great about if I'm at work, he's [at home], and if he's at work, I'm [at home]," Prepon told The Moms. "[But] I do feel guilty, and I just know that she'd be proud if she knew. I've talked to a bunch of women [asking], 'How do you do this?' And they're just like, 'There's really no solution. You just do it.'"

She also weighed in on the trend of "mom-shaming" on social media. Prepon, who also starred in That '70s Show, is far from a supporter of that. She is adamantly against it, which might just explain why she keeps her posts about Ella to a minimum.

"Even with some women having to bottle feed their babies earlier rather than breastfeed and the mom shaming that goes on … I don't allow that anywhere near me or my friends," she said. "Being a mom is the most incredible gift in the world and it's one of the hardest things, as we all can relate to, and we just all have to help each other. So the mom shaming … I can't even begin to understand that."