Meghan Trainor Anticipates the Arrival of First Child, But Reveals 'Tough' Part About Being Pregnant During Pandemic (Exclusive)

While 2020 has been an incredibly tough year for many people, some people have experienced a few ups, including singer Meghan Trainor. After releasing her first Christmas album, A Very Trainor Christmas, she's also eagerly awaiting the arrival of her first child with her husband, Daryl Sabara. In an exclusive interview, the "All About That Bass" singer detailed her pregnancy experience and the challenges that have come along with it.

"I'm so happy, so excited, I have no patience," Trainor said while laughing, obviously beaming with excitement for her baby boy's arrival. "I'm just ready for him to get here. And we finally started buying things, and I'm almost in my third trimester." When asked if she's been sick at all throughout the last few months, she said "no," but she does feel her belly getting bigger-and-bigger by the day. "I'm very lucky. I never really got sick. I'm in the phase right now where my stomach just grows more and more every morning, when I wake up, I'm like, 'Oh.'"

She did say that she battles "stomach cramps" simply because her stomach is growing so fast and confessed she's had a major sweet tooth in the process. "I have stomach cramps where I know it's just getting bigger," she explained. "I'm craving sweet stuff, so I'm trying to find sugar free or healthier options because I could eat an entire ice cream thing to myself right now!"

While she's feeling good and ready for the day she can hold her son in her arms, she did express how challenging it's been having to go to doctor's appointments alone. While she understands and is empathetic towards others' safety during this tumultuous time, she can't help feel a little down not having her husband by her side during those moments. "[...] If anyone's having a baby right now, it's really sad and tough because you can't go to your appointments with your husband, I have to go alone."

While practicing her own safety measures, confessing that she and Sabara don't go to restaurants and they get "tested every time I leave the house" because she's continued to work, she also became the brand ambassador for Safeguard hand soap. "I'm so excited and this is definitely a must! [...] You know how sometimes they're like, 'Oh, the pandemic is over,' it's like, no, it's not. It's still very much here. Corona is still here; it's still a scary time. When I heard what Safeguard was doing with their hand soap — especially if they're reaching out to teachers, teachers are my favorite and they don't get enough credit — so, I was like, 'I have to be part of this!'"

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(Photo: Ryan Trainor)

Safeguard has already donated $10 million to charity, and now they're providing teachers across the U.S. with hand soap, hand sanitizer and lesson plans that teachers can use to teach their students how to wash their hands properly. Trainor says this will be incredibly helpful for teachers because she understands how difficult it is to get younger children to properly wash their hands. "We surprised a bunch of teachers over Zoom, and they were freaking out! I also interviewed them like, 'What's it been like?' And they're heartbroken just because they miss getting to high-five their kids, or they can't show their smile because the mask is on. Teachers really need a lot of love right now," Trainor said.

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