Laura Bush Gives Health Update on Granddaughter Cora in NICU

Laura Bush has given a health update on her granddaughter Cora, who was born premature and placed in the NICU. "The baby who was supposed to be born in New York was born instead in Portland, Maine. We're thrilled with that darling little baby, and I know Barbara and Craig are too," Bush said during a Today show interview with her daughter, Jenna Bush Hager

"I went every day to hold the baby at the hospital," the former First Lady added. "So we're looking forward to the baby being able to get out of the intensive care nursery. Pretty soon, I hope." Bush went on to say. "She's just a little tiny premature baby, but she's doing great." Cora Georgia Coyne was born on Sept. 27 to the first child of Barbara Bush — Hager's twin sister — and her husband Craig Coyne. The infant was born six weeks before her due date and has required close medical care.

In addition to providing an update on baby Cora's condition, Bush also commented on the newborn being the namesake of her husband, former U.S. President George W. Bush. "It was really great. Cora Georgia, she'll have to be his favorite," she said laughingly, to which Hager playfully replied, "No! What about my children? Don't tell him that. He liked the namesake, of course." Hager shares three children with her husband Henry Hager: 8-year-old Margaret "Mila" Laura, 6-year-old Poppy Louise, and 2-year-old Henry "Hal" Harold.

Following the news that Barbara had given birth, Hager took to Instagram to celebrate the momentous occasion. "Dearest Cora Georgia, Today is the day I got to meet my most beautiful, precious, feisty, niece (a bit earlier than we expected!)" she wrote. "I witnessed in awe as my dearest, toughest [Barbara] became a mama." She added, "And today is the day I fell in love! Some cousins are anxiously waiting to play with you, but not just yet love. Xx auntie j." Hager also included some photos from the hospital where Cora was born.


The Bushes also shared a social media message about the birth of baby Cora, posting a photo of themselves holding the infant along with an announcement caption. "With full hearts, [Laura] and I are delighted to announce the birth of our new granddaughter," the caption read. "Barbara gave birth to Cora Georgia Coyne on September 27, 2021, in Maine — not far from our family home where Barbara and Craig were married. Cora is healthy and adorable, and we are proud and grateful."