Hilaria Baldwin Admits She's 'Nervous' Attending Therapy Following Miscarriage

Hilaria Baldwin is revealing her true feelings and struggles with fans after announcing that she had fallen victim to a second miscarriage this year. The wife to Alec Baldwin took to Instagram to share a few thoughtful words with onlookers, encouraging those who read her post to find time to seek extra help if need be because "you are worth it."

"I've been trying to reach out for support. Through sharing, talking, crying ... moving my body, acupuncture. Today I took myself to a therapist. I was nervous ... but it felt good to talk about what has happened. I share this with you in hopes that if you ever want to seek help, I encourage you to make the time. You are worth it."

The 35-year-old and her husband have now lost their fifth child on the way, a baby girl, at just four months gestation. The couple lost their precious daughter earlier this month. In a separate story, she continued her encouraging words with, "I've been thinking about all of the stories you shared with me and I feel it is important to tell you how many of you think you are more alone in this fertility journey than you actually are."

"Some of the main feelings you expressed for feeling you had to suffer in silence were: shame, feeling culpable, afraid to burden others, fear of looking attention seeking, fear of looked at as being 'broken'," she continued. "I hope that both you and I can unburden ourselves from these heavy weight emotions. Fertility isn't always something you have or you don't. The beauty and the challenges of incubating future generations is hard work. And we need to respect our bodies for all their effort."


Baldwin was excited to share the news with her followers in September that she and her husband would be expecting another child; however, just two months later she expressed the devastating news that they had lost their child in November following her 20-week scan. The fitness instructor had just suffered a miscarriage in April.

The following day she went through a dilation and curettage surgery and shared an encouraging selfie with her fans as she begins "the healing journey."