George Clooney Reveals 'Really Dumb Thing' He and Wife Amal Did With Their Twins

George Clooney is opening up about parenthood. The actor, who shares 3-year-old twins Alexander and Ella with wife Amal Clooney, got candid about the honest mistake he and his wife have made in raising their toddlers during a Wednesday appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Speaking about his life as a dad of two, The Midnight Sky actor admitted that he and Amal "did a really dumb thing." According to Clooney, his son and daughter "speak fluent Italian. I mean fluent Italian at three," which proves to be a challenge when it comes to disciplining given the fact that "I don't speak Italian, my wife doesn't speak Italian." Clooney, according to Entertainment Tonight, said that he and his wife have "armed them with a language," and he admitted that they aren't afraid to use it.

"I'll say, 'Go back in and clean your room,' and they'll be like, 'Eh, papa stranzo,'" the Oscar winner quipped, speaking with a fake Italian accent. "I'm from Kentucky, English is a second language to me."

Clooney and Amal welcomed Alexander and Ella, their first children together, back in June of 2017. The twins spent their first months at the Clooneys' villa on Lake Como in Italy, a place that holds special importance for the couple. Speaking with Vogue in April of 2018, Clooney said Lake Como is where he first met his wife, telling the outlet at the time, "of course she was beautiful, but I also thought she was fascinating, and I thought she was brilliant. Her life was incredibly exciting — the clients she was taking on and the superhuman work that she was doing. I was taken with her from the moment I saw her." The couple tied the knot in September of 2014 in a lavish Italian wedding.

Now, however, the couple are settling down and raising their toddlers amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Speaking with Kimmel Wednesday, Clooney said that he has been spending his time in quarantine completing some domestic tasks at home, such as "laundry and moping and dishes." He even recently "wood stained the entire house," something that kept him plenty busy "for a while" and admittedly "kept me out of the room with the kids speaking Italian," he joked.


Clooney also said that he has been taking on meal duty at home, stating, "I cook for the family. I'm the chef." He said that while Amal "does amazing things. She gets journalists out of jail in countries like Azerbaijan and Egypt," her skills in the kitchen aren't quite up to par, explaining, "when it comes to cooking, she makes reservations."