Chris Hemsworth Shares Rare Photos With His Daughter

The Avengers star just revealed his next project, but these touching calm moments are most important.

Chris Hemsworth recently shared a sweet, calming outing with his daughter to social media. In the photoset, Hemsworth refers to his daughter as his "bestie" and cherishes the time with her on the river bank.

The outing with his daughter follows an emotional one with Hemsworth's father earlier in April, returning home to the Northern Territory and their former community after 35 years. The daddy-daughter outing was far more laid back and with a different type of emotion.

Hemsworth and his daughter are seen going swimming, fishing along the bank, hiking through the nearby wilderness, and just enjoying the outdoor life while maintaining the modern amenities at their campsite.

The time with his family falls into Hemsworth's career discussion after his health forecast showed he was genetically predisposed a risk for Alzheimer's disease. While he has maintained that many of the headlines around the revelation were "overdramatized," and his desire to spend more time with the family and his Alzheimer's revelation was only somewhat related in his mind.

"I decided to take some time off because I was exhausted, and I wanted to be home with my family," Hemsworth told Entertainment Weekly back in 2023. "It was interesting, because those two headlines got coupled together, that I was taking time off because of the genetic predisposition to Alzheimer's."

His reality is just the realization that many have at his age: we are not invincible and we are fragile bags of meat and bones. There is no shortage of things that can lead to this revelation for people, Hemsworth found himself experiencing a few at once.

The photoset comes only a day or two after the first trailer for Transformers One was revealed. Hemsworth will voice the young Optimus Prime in the film, opposite Brian Tyree Henry as his pal, Megatron.