Blac Chyna Says Stroller Fight Erupted After Being Called 'Hood Rat'

Sources close to Blac Chyna have offered new insights on how her fight at Six Flags on Sunday started, as well as where her children were during the ordeal.

Insiders from Chyna's entourage spoke with reporters from TMZ, reiterating the course of events she laid out on Instagram. A stranger approached Chyna's 1-year-old daughter, Dream, marvelling at how cute she was, and reached out to touch her hand. Chyna reportedly told her not to touch other peoples' children.

Things escalated from there, as the woman followed Chyna, antagonizing her. However, the last straw reportedly came when the woman called Chyna a "hood rat." At that point, Chyna's friends leapt into action, holding her back to stop her from making a scene in the theme park.

The woman allegedly pushed one of Chyna's friends, and the two ended up in a fist fight. That moment was caught on video from several angles.

As for Dream Kardashian and King Cairo Stevenson, the reality star's children were reportedly hurried away from the scene by their nanny, avoiding all the mayhem. Many fans online were confused by their absence from all the videos of the fight, wondering of Chyna might have been so focused on the altercation that she lost sight of them.

The whole thing took place on Easter Sunday, at Six Flags amusement park. Videos shot by bystanders show Chyna dropping her pink jacket to the ground, in a dramatic moment reminiscent of an action movie. In a skin-tight white jumpsuit, she repeatedly attempts to hurl her children's ride-on toy car at somebody.

Chyna took to her Instagram story later, trying to explain her actions.

"Being famous is hard enough dealing with scrutiny," Chyna wrote. "But when someone feels comfortable to come and touch your child, it's a whole other story."

She continued, "I do not condone violence nor am I a violent person but shout out to all of the amazing mothers out there that will protect their children at all cost."

(Photo: Instagram / @blacchyna)

"Love, King and Dreams Mommy," Chyna ended the post.

A woman emerged on Twitter claiming to be the other participant in the fight. Her tweets are protected and only available to her followers.

"[S]ooo I was having a good little time and I see black chyna's beautiful baby right?" wrote the woman. "So I'm like awwwww like omg this baby is so cute (not even knowing this was her f—ing baby) so I'm guessing it was the nanny but she rolled the baby towards me right?"

"So a lady comes up to me and she's like 'omg was that you black Chyna was talking about?'" she went on. "'She said she was goonna whoop yo a—' so now I'm in tears like lmaoooo for what wtf this b— think cause she black chyna she won't get slapped".


"So y'all know me ..... I just slap TF when I say THEE DOGGGGGGG S— I slapped the dogggg s— out hg," the woman continued, adding, "so when I did her f—ing boyfriend start socking on me and my sister LMAOOOOOO LIKE REALLY SOCKING ON US."

"But I mean I had a blast," the user confessed with a shrug emoji. "I just slapped the s— outa black chyna and fought her boyfriend and all her lil friends but this n— was really socking on us he's really a b— period."