Al Roker and Deborah Roberts Are Beyond Proud of Their Son's Latest Achievement

Al Roker and Deborah Roberts are proud parents. The couple shares two children together, daughter Leila and son Nicholas (Roker also has an older daughter, Courtney, whom he shares with his ex-wife, Alice Bell). This past week, Roker and Roberts celebrated their son's latest achievement with both of the news personalities chronicling how Nicholas won Achilles International's Celebration of Resilience Award. 

Both Roker and Roberts took to Instagram to share the news about Nicholas' big accomplishment. They posted several photos of their son, including one in which he proudly holds up his award. Roker captioned his post, which also contained a photo of the doting parents with Nicholas, "This young man is an #inspiration and we are so proud of his accomplishments this year with @achillesnyc and @achilles_international."

Naturally, Roberts also shared some kind words about Nicholas' achievement. She began, "Pardon us while we burst with pride over our favorite son, Nick, who was awarded the @achilles_international celebration of resilience award." The journalist went on to express how proud both she and her husband are of their son, who she wrote has faced any challenge with "strength and resilience." Roberts added, "We celebrate his spirit and determination to work harder, run faster and rise higher during any challenge! We are truly #thankful for our sweet son and his example of strength and #resilience Thanks to all of you who encourage and celebrate Nick's indomitable spirit!" 

On the official website for Achilles International, they noted that they held a celebration on Thursday for the "athletes, volunteers, and supporters" within the Achilles community who "embodied resilience" over the past year. Nicholas was one of the honorees, by way of Achilles NYC, alongside Mike Sprouse and Ezequias Prado. It's so great to see Roker and Roberts celebrating their son's accomplishment. The two parents are known to be incredibly supportive of their children, as Roker has expressed time and time again on the Today Show


In January 2020, Roker opened up about being a parent to his three children. He explained on the Today Show that he was doing his best to "be a better person" and noted that his son, in particular, has inspired him to be better. The meteorologist explained, per Closer Weekly, "As a lot of parents who have kids with special needs [know], they can try your patience. Not that they mean to or anything like that. The thing I love about him, that I admire about him, is that he just kind of attacks it head-on. He's very goal-oriented, and he's a great kid."