Nikki Bella Admits She Feels 'Super Run Down' Amid Pregnancy

Nikki Bella is really struggling with feeling "run down" while experiencing sleeping problems amid her pregnancy with her and fiancé Artem Chigvintsev's first child. The Total Bellas star opened up about her frustration on her Instagram Story Sunday, revealing she had "barely slept" for the previous three nights.

"Hey you guys, so I'm trying to get sleep tonight. For the past three nights, I've barely slept," the mother-to-be shared, adding she "may have gotten four hours" of sleep the night before.

"I'm training myself to sleep on my side because I'm about to be 19 weeks and I'm a back sleeper." she added. "It's been so tough."

The WWE star continued, "Yeah, it's just sleeping has sucked and I'm like getting super run down because of it. ... I feel like I'm getting another head cold and so I just really need rest."

Bella has been open about the difficulties in her pregnancy, revealing last month that she underwent a IV treatment at the advice of her doctor.

"Definitely beginning of the week, I definitely was run down and starting to feel sick again, but I got an IV and I have to say, prescribed by my doctors so if you guys do IVs and your pregnant, go through your doctor first. It really helped me a lot," she said on social media at the time. "But yeah, I am feeling so much better, and I want to start training a lot again. I have not been training and I see it in my legs which is fine, a little bit in my arms, but I am finally starting to get on that."

Nikki's first pregnancy might be a little difficult, but she has the support of twin sister Brie Bella, who is also pregnant right now with her and husband Daniel Bryan's second child, having welcomed daughter Birdie two years prior. Despite the convenient timing, Brie and Nikki have insisted their dual pregnancies are not purposeful.

"You guys, it's so ridiculous. Brie and I both did not do IVF," Nikki said last month on an episode of The Bellas Podcast. "We did not plan on being pregnant together," she added. "I'm still in shock even though I'm really happy."


"This is just what God wanted. This is the way the universe worked," she added. "God has a plan for it and I'm going on the ride with it, but there was just no planning here. We ain't the scheming twins. You got the wrong girls here. They weren't even planned pregnancies, let alone at the same time."

Photo credit: Getty / Matt Winkelmeyer