Nikki Bella and Twin Sister Brie Bella Shut Down Planned IVF Pregnancy Rumors

Nikki Bella and Brie Bella are both currently pregnant with due dates just two weeks from each other, but the sisters are shutting down any speculation that they planned their pregnancies. Nikki addressed the rumors this week's episode of their podcast, The Bellas Podcast, telling listeners that she and her sister did not undergo IVF treatments.

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"You guys, it’s so ridiculous. Brie and I both did not do IVF," she said, adding that the procedure is a "major" process. "We did not plan on being pregnant together," she added. "I'm still in shock even though I'm really happy."

"This is just what God wanted. This is the way the universe worked," she added. "God has a plan for it and I'm going on the ride with it, but there was just no planning here. We ain't the scheming twins. You got the wrong girls here. They weren't even planned pregnancies, let alone at the same time"

Nikki is expecting her first child with fiancé Artem Chigvintsev and Brie is expecting her second child with husband Daniel Bryan. The couple is already parents to daughter Birdie Joe, 2.

"I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to do two," Brie said on the podcast. "I got six more months to figure that s— out."

The twins announced their pregnancies last month, and Brie told PEOPLE that "people are going to think that's a joke."

"We both are shocked," she said. "People are going to think we planned it, but you can't really plan pregnancy!"

"[It was] a total surprise," Nikki added. "It took even me a good week to come to terms with like, 'Oh my gosh, I’m pregnant.' I’m not ready for it."

The sisters added that Brie didn't talk to Nikki for a week after learning the news.

"I had to digest. Her and Artem had just gotten engaged. She was shocked by the engagement. She was shocked he proposed. I just think everything did feel fast for her," Brie explained. "I'm her twin — she talks to me about a lot. So when you have a conversation like that with your sister having some wine, you get deep. The next day when she comes and tells you she’s pregnant, I almost thought it was a joke."


"We both had to digest," Nikki added. "It took us both a good week. Artem was immediately so happy — it was really cute. Scared, but I can't believe this because it's not like we were trying or, 'Hey, we're married, let’s have a baby.' That wasn't it at all. I didn't think I could get pregnant. [I thought] that I'd have to have help, so I was in the process of going to freeze my eggs."

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