Pink Skewers Critics of Her Photo of Children Running Around the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin

Pink is no stranger to defending her parenting style with critics online. The singer and husband Carey Hart always have a combative relationship with fans and critics online who want to share their parenting advice. It's all part of their war against the "parenting police."

That said, the latest chapter in this ongoing war might be a questionable one in some eyes. The 39-year-old singer and posted a photo on Instagram that showed daughter Willow, 8, and son Jameson, 2, running and playing between the columns of the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, Germany.

In the caption of the photo, the singer hits out at comments that both came to the photo and would come. Sort of a pre-emptive shot at the critics that would find their way in according to The Daily Mail.

(Photo: Pink/Instagram)

"For all of the comments; these two children are in actuality Jewish, as am I and the entirety of my mothers family," Pink wrote on Instagram. "The very person who constructed this believed in children being children, and to me this is a celebration of life after death. Please keep your hatred and judgment to yourselves."

Hart also posted a photo on his account, showing his wife and kids standing among the columns.

"Berlin is one of my favorite European cities. The history that this city has is always intriguing to me. Last time I was here I traveled the city on my bike and saw where the wall was, and the land marks along with it," Hart wrote. "The holocaust memorial is a somber reminder of what happened. My wife is half Jewish (my mother in law 100%) and my children are 1/4. So scary to think what could have happened to them those years ago."

(Photo: Carey Hart/Instagram)

Most of the critics had been drowned out by those sharing their own words of praise and support with the singer.

"The architect of the holocaust memorial Peter Eismann said that children playing there is a good thing and that it is no contrast to the place. Children doing children stuff and enjoying their childhood is in fact a good thing there," one commenter wrote.

"Let the voices of kiddos be heard ! No shame in this picture at all ! You are a great momma to them kiddos ! Rock on Pink !!!!" another fan added.

"I’m Jewish, relatives died in the camps, friends have died in attacks on synagogues. Nothing about the picture is offensive," a third added. "These children are learning their history. It gives me joy to see children enjoying life and continuing on when so many died. It shows the bloodline and spirit of the Jewish people lives on and they were not wiped out and will not disappear or stop living their lives freely."

One also pointed out that Pink was once again posting photos of her kids again. Most of it stems from criticism she received for a photo where her son Jameson wasn't wearing a diaper after leaving the pool.


"I cried. I cried so hard after that because I like to share my family. It's my proudest moment in my whole life. I'm prouder of my kids than anything I've ever done," she told Ellen during an interview while fighting back tears. "And I just won't share them anymore. I won't do it. I'm not posting pictures of them anymore."

It would seem that has changed somewhat, which is good. She shouldn't be pushed to a point where her emotions are unleashed because of an innocent photo.