Hilary Duff Shows off Her Post-Baby Belly 2 Months After Giving Birth

Hilary Duff is keeping her fans in the know with her new life as a mother of two.

The Younger star took to Instagram Sunday to share a mirror selfie where she showed off her post-baby body in jean shorts and a black crop top, as she held 2-month-old baby Banks.

The actress had a tired expression on her face, which she hid with sunglasses, though the precious baby seemed to be sound asleep.

(Photo: Instagram/Hilary Duff)

"We two months in sister. Been a lot of sleepless nights and you sure do scream a lot. But you are worth every moment my little strugglebunny," Duff wrote on the caption of the sweet post.

Fans of the actress took to the comments section of the photo to shower the new mother of two with complements on her figure, as well as on her precious baby girl.

"You look great Hilary!" One user gushed on the photo.

"Hey now, this is what dreams are made of ;) Enjoy the little one," Another Instagram user commented, referencing the hit song from The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

"U look amazing, and she is darling," Another user wrote.

Another one related to her message, commenting: "Haha! My last baby was a strugglebunny."

Duff has been updating her social media channels frequently with updates about baby Banks ever since she and boyfriend Matthew Koma welcomed the little girl at the end of October.

On Saturday, as Entertainment Tonight first reported, Duff posted another adorable shot of the baby girl, calling her a "handful," though she seemed to take a break from being indoors enjoying some beach time with Koma and her 6-year-old son Luca Comrie.

The actress is looking great two months after giving birth, though there was a time when she struggled with her body. Back in July, the actress opened up about her issues with her health at a young age.


"I struggled a little bit when I was 18 or 19 with food. And wanting to fit into this 'image' of a girl who is not me. But that was such a long time ago," Duff told Byrdie. "Honestly, I feel like I'm in the same 5 to 10 pound struggle as most other women out there. Sometimes I'm crushing it and feeling great, and other times I'm like, ugh. I love to cook and, honestly, being a mom and being consistently busy helps keep my priorities straight."

"I work out a lot. Obviously, I want to be fit, but I'm 5'2' and I'm definitely not a 'skinny girl.' I'm a healthy girl," she added. "I always feel really empowered by what my body can do—having babies, getting pregnant, or swinging Luca around. He's like 45 pounds, and I'm dangling him by his ankles and chasing him all around. So I’m so grateful that I'm strong and my body's there for me."