Jenna Jameson Faces Backlash for Breastfeeding Shower Selfie While Holding Baby

Jenna Jameson is currently facing backlash after sharing a selfie that shows her breastfeeding her baby while standing up in the shower.

(Photo: Jenna Jameson / Instagram)

In the photo posted on Instagram, Jameson is seen holding her 11-month-old daughter Batel Lu, with the baby nursing in her mother's arms as the water pours down on them.

"This is motherhood. It’s not always shiny and perfect like so many instagrammers make us believe. There are days you question your strength and abilities. But then there are HARD days like today that prove your uncompromising power," Jameson wrote in a caption on the photo.

"I haven’t slept for two days and poor Batelli has been vomiting every 40 min like clockwork. We are in this together. So here’s to all of you selfless mamas out there, you make this world go round," she concluded, then adding a hashtag for "normalize breastfeeding."

Many have taken issue with the picture, and are sharing their thoughts on social media, Cafe Mom reports.

"How the h— do you shower [and] breastfeed? This is an all new low for attention! Does the baby shampoo her hair [and] clean her back for her," one person fired off. "Just admit you're using your baby to stay in the spotlight while using you kid as a prop for your photo shoots."

"Isn't in dangerous to be showering while breastfeeding," another said. "I mean you need both arms to hold the baby safely so how [are] you washing? So what's the point of being in the shower then.

Many voiced concern for the safety of the baby, with one commenter pointing out, "Trying to multitask in the shower with a wet, slippery baby doesn't really seem like the ideal place. I too breastfed [three] babies, never in the shower, whether they were sick or not."

Others argued that she should take baby Batel to a doctor rather than taking a "selfie in the shower."

While she has had her fair share of critics regarding the picture, Jameson has also had supporters as well.

"I can relate. We've had influenza for many days now. Hopefully you guys get a break soon. All the best for you all," one fan commented.


"You’re such a great mama! I know I’ve said it before but you really are. BaTel is lucky to have you. Hope she gets better soon," another said."

Many women also thanked Jameson for her candor, with one final person writing, "Thank you for putting this out there!! Such a beautiful image!! Feeding your child is the best gift you can give them. This message is so important. Thank you."