'X-Men' Star James McAvoy Confirms He Secretly Got Married

X-Men star James McAvoy reveals the wedding rumors are true! In his latest interview for The Guardian, the actor confirms he recently tied the knot with Lisa Liberati. The two met while working together on M. Night Shyamalan's Split (Liberati worked as a PA on the film's set) and began their relationship years later after he'd split from his ex-wife Anne-Marie Duff, with whom he shares an 11-year-old son named Brendan. 

Since getting remarried, McAvoy has had to split his time between his hometown of Glasgow, Scotland; London, England, where he's been working on stage as the main character in Cyrano de Bergerac;  and at Liberati's home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The latter of the three, he says, has become a "second home for me."

"It's where I was born, where I grew up. I've still got a place there and all my family there. I see myself as a Glaswegian and a Londoner -- a Glaswegian Londoner," he says.

Despite the ongoing variations of COVID-19 at this point of the pandemic, McAvoy –– who has been triple-vaccinated and had his own bout with the Omicron variant –– still says it's important for everyone to get back to work. "Every time you step outside you are taking a risk. But how long can we maintain a society that doesn't move, that doesn't connect? If you feel comfortable coming, we'll see you. If you were a regular theatregoer and you're not coming, we'll see you in a couple of years," he says, per Entertainment Tonight. "But if we wait to put on shows until this whole thing is truly over -- if that's ever going to happen -- then things like theatre and music might not exist."

McAvoy was forced to take a break from the stage play, which is being put on at London at the Harold Pinter Theatre, in 2019 due to the pandemic. Though he's stepped back into the role of the poet "like two years haven't happened." "Most of the lines were still just there in my head, without me having to worry, which has never happened before. I once sat with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen and both of them had a 'Macbeth-off' where they started speaking Macbeth to each other. I had just finished doing Macbeth and I swear I could not remember a syllable, man. It was awful," he told the Guardian.