'The Ranch' Star Dax Shepard Reveals Kristen Bell Is 'Reason to Wake Up Every Morning'

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell continue to embody couple goals in their latest Instagram posts for his each other.

Shepard and Bell are both riding a hot streak in Hollywood with roles in major sitcoms. Bell's show The Good Place has been picked up for a fourth season, while Shepard has joined the main cast of The Ranch in the latest batch of episodes. The two still find time for romance, however, as Bell proved with an adorable selfie on Sunday.

"Warning: the @laarboretum moonlight forest light show is VURY romantic," she wrote, along with a few kissing emojis. The picture showed the two performers stopping for a kiss in front of a massive lit-up display. Both were bundled in winter coats and hats, yet they seemed warm enough on their night out.

(Photo: Instagram / Kristen Bell)

Shepard posted another photo a few hours later, showing Bell just over his shoulder. From a distance, it was even more clear how many puffy layers Bell was wearing, and while Shepard could not help but mock her for it, he showed her some love as well.

"That bipedal sleeping bag over my left shoulder is the reason to wake up every morning," he gushed.

(Photo: Instagram / Dax Shepard)

Shepard was recently hit with a serious accusation of infidelity. Kayti Edwards, the granddaughter of Julie Andrews, recently gave an interview with the Daily Mail where she claims that she slept with Shepard in 2009 — two years after he had begun seeing Bell.

"I didn't know he had a girlfriend at the time," she said. "He didn't seem to care."

Shepard got on Instagram immediately to deny the story. He pointed out that Edwards has "sold stories to tabloids before," giving interviews where she claims to have slept with Matthew Perry, Jack Osbourne and Kid Rock.

"I look forward to her next one," Shepard joked with a smiley face. "Fingers crossed it's about my #1, Brad Pitt."

Most fans seem to believe Shepard's side of the story, as does Bell. The actress got on her Instagram Story the following day to praise her husband in a show of solidarity.


"He truly is the man of my dreams," she wrote.

Bell and Shepard share two children together — 5-year-old Lincoln and 3-year-old Delta. They postponed their own wedding for three years to show support for the LGBTQ community, waiting for California to legalize same-sex marriage. They officially got married in 2013.